“Wonderful. Dr Alloway allows me to speak my mind, she doesn’t misunderstand me when I bring up problems I’m having and she’s an actual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy user. I’ve gone through several other therapists who say they are CBT users when in practice they are not. She has been helping me for over six months and I recommend her to everyone who is looking for a down to earth therapist they can converse with, who can help to improve their quality of life and mindset, and is a good person.”

K.C. • Client

“What a great place. It has really helped someone I care about.”

N.M.• Client

“Dr. Alloway is a wonderful clinician. She is very experienced, understands a wide variety of diagnosis and very accessible for clients. Dr. Alloway clearly cares for people and is very understanding. I highly recommend her as a therapist.”

Rachel Holtz, PA• Medication Prescriber


Let’s work towards personal growth.